Craft Beer Defined


Craft beer is more than just awesomely delicious beer.  It’s also a revolution against the insult of the industrialized notion of beer that has been preying on the populace for decades.”- Greg Koch

According to the Colorado Brewing Association, craft beer is defined as a beer made by a craft brewery…go figure. They also highlight three words to describe what it takes to be considered a craft brewery


What they mean by small is simply the brewery distributes less than six million barrels of beer per year. The brewery must be independent, meaning only 25% can be owned by a non-craft beer producer (Sorry Busch Light). Traditional: This is what makes craft beer so diverse and interesting, craft breweries take pride in their brew, their specific flavor derives from innovative ingredients and fermentation. Unique, delicious and refreshing.

About Katie Graham

My name is Katie Graham. I'm currently studying Advertising and Environmental Sustainability at Michigan State University. I'm here to share with you my findings about the craft beer scene in Michigan.
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