Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS)

Today I am trying this flavored stout that bars in the area seem to be obsessing about. Multiple bars around the area have been showing their appreciation for this local brewing company by hosting launch parties paired with discounts and Founders Brewing Co. freebies. Made available in April, this imperial breakfast stout will be around for six more months.

Quick Facts About Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

ABV: 11.2 %

IBUs (the bitterness of the beer): 70

Undertones of coffee, chocolate and bourbon.

I’m not usually a fan of imperial stout’s (or dark beer for that matter), but the hints of  chocolate and coffee make this beer worth while. With an ABV of 11.2% you do get a little burn of alcohol on the way down followed by a heavy bourbon taste. Unfortunately, the high alcohol content has forced most bars to enforce a “only-two” rule.

Overall in my opinion this is an a-okay beer, it’s a bummer Founders doesn’t distribute it all year long. There are a few beers that are similar to this one that are distributed while KBS is not though.


Bell’s Black Note Stout and Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout are two that match up pretty nicely with the Kentucky Breakfast Stout’s taste.

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